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Folktales ~ Selection 1

After the collapse of society, surviving people from Garenburg find refuge in stories. Tales of the past are saved and passed down across generations, eventually spreading across the island and becoming well known. Stories also spread from Darklore surprisingly. It is unknown how this was possible as the only creatures that have communicated with humans have been the that of great power, such as the Senses. Some of the stories date back even farther than the Lunacy, while others were made up to try and spread morals.
The Crimson House
There were once three siblings that lived atop a mountain range. The family studied magic and were all powerful sorcerers. One day, while the eldest was taking a hike, he came across an injured stranger. The man was a traveler who was lost and unconscious. The eldest took the man into the family home so that he could recover.
Once the traveler had recovered from his wounds, he became interested in the practice that the family had done. Spells …

Cultivated Creatures

~Cultivated Creatures~
The suppressed criminals rise after the end of the world, and with their twisted ideals, they start to find success.
Hush… they can’t see us, but they’ll hear our voices. Where we are happens to be safe for now, but they’ll find us if we make sound… we need to stay silent. If we wait an hour, they might give up on the search. 

I think it’s been long enough. We should hurry. This space is tight, but we must get through. Maybe air vents weren’t a great place to hide, but it’s working for now. Just go slowly and we may not make too loud sounds… 
I see the light, let’s go. … Okay, we’re out. It’s humid in here… we must be near the lab. If the map wasn’t lying, we need to make a left at the torch. 
I think I see it. Yeah, that’s the one. Let’s go. 
Wait… Do you hear something? I think I heard something. They might be nearby.
We should go slowly. Nice and steady. It “wins the race,” after all. And this is a race that mu…

Wonderful Welcome

Everything has a cost…
Garenburg is a fictional country in a far future. While prosperous in technology, the island has suffered from being the origin of destructive wars and even the end of civilization.
Garenburg was made by Merso Aweheo and is published under Creatalsoftware Games.

~Heinous History~

~Temporal Timeline~

~Glorious Glossary~

~Creatalsoftware Homepage~

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The Möbius Strip (Coming Soon)
Garenburg Woods (Coming Soon)
Clipcloak: The Wonderful World (Postponed)
Other Projects in the same universe although not directly part of Garenburg: It Is Too Dark (Finished) Unicode (Finished)
Limp (Finished)

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"But as pretty as roses are, they still have thorns." ~Mary, from the game Ib