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Ending Ebb (The Möbius Transformation)

The following is a novella based on the events of the game  The Möbius Transformation , a puzzle RPG made in two days. Complete spoilers for the game are below. ____________________________________________    With the world in chaos over a destructive war, a company will try and fulfill an idea that may change the fate of humanity. ____________________________________________     On days like these, you don’t usually come across such a request… It’s not like I had nothing to do. I had a whole idea in mind for a brand-new project, but I couldn’t turn down the offer when I was given it.    I’m Lawrence, an engineer and scientist. I’m the one who invented the C.H.G.S. system, the nifty device that rests underneath the ear of most people. It’s a wonderful gadget. When you see something you like, it automatically plays a sound that states “some holes twelve thousand.” For example, if somebody has a picture of a fat rabbit, it will automatically activate.    There’s