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Everything has a cost…
Garenburg is a fictional country in a far future. While prosperous in technology, the island has suffered from being the origin of destructive wars and even the end of civilization.
Garenburg was made by Merso Aweheo and is published under Creatalsoftware Games.

~Heinous History~

~Temporal Timeline~

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"But as pretty as roses are, they still have thorns." ~Mary, from the game Ib

Endless Ebb (The Möbius Strip)

This novella was originally published on 7/8/19. This page originally had been used for the release of the game The Möbius Strip, and the page has been relocated to here. The original page contains links for where the game can be found.

The following is a novella based on the events of the game The Möbius Strip; a puzzle RPG made in two weeks. Complete spoilers for the game are below.

With the world in chaos over a destructive war, a company will try and fulfill an idea sought for centuries. 

   On days like these, you don’t usually come across such a request… It’s not like I had nothing to do. I had a whole idea in mind for a brand-new project, but I couldn’t turn down the offer when I was given it.

   I’m Lawrence, an engineer and scientist. I’m the one who invented the S.K.Y.L.A. system, the nifty device that rests underneath the ear of most people. It’s a wonderful gadget. It allows for peop…

Temporal Timeline

~Temporal Timeline~
Bold indicates main entries or games. Italics indicates novellas or other side works. Regular indicates events or segments in history.

It Is Too Dark ~ ???? Unicode and All You Need to Know ~ ???? Entho's Onslaught Beginning ~ 29?? Entho's Onslaught Ending ~ 3007 Lunacy Beginning ~ 3029
The Möbius Strip/Endless Ebb ~ 3049
Beautiful Babies ~ 3050
Silver Spiral ~ 3053 Lunacy Ending ~ 3084 Witch Hunt Beginning ~ 3087 Garenburg Woods (Events) ~ 3098 Witch Hunt Ending ~ 3168 Garenburg Woods (Aftermath) ~ 3201 The Enhancement ~ 3302 Enhancement Ending, Darklore Invasion, Limp ~ 3314 Cultivated Creatures ~ 5930 [planned project] ~ 5931
[planned project] ~ 9283

Heinous History

~Heinous History~
Entho's Onslaught
In the 2880s, three siblings had decided to continue their career of developing man-made islands somewhere between New York and Normandy. They had many projects before then, but this was their largest endeavor. Development of the island took seven years, and numerous caverns and an underground system were slowly formed. The island had no name at the time. The island was up for sale for a few years, until somebody finally purchased it. This person was named Entho.
Entho was the name history has given him, and by now his birth name is unknown. Entho was a warlord who had taken the island so that he could silently use it for illegal businesses. He named it “Entho’s Island,” likely due to his pride in himself. According to some studies, Entho may have been the leader of a religious cult and gang previously, but these studies have not been proven correct yet. Entho primarily used the island for human trafficking and storing weaponry, but he slowly gat…

Glorious Glossary

Word/Term Usage/Meaning Astral Church/RUSSELL LIVES Cult A group of people who revere the religion that Russell Garen created to gather followers. In addition to believing his religion, they have done numerous attempts to try and “recreate Russell,” which is an attempt to find a new person who can finish the goal of the Lunacy: destroy the planets along with the moon. Following the Darklore Invasion, the cult fled to a nearby island containing a ruined castle that has an underground connection linking back to Garenburg. Daniel Lowod The Bûcheron and the original leader of the Solstice. His grandfather was Garry Lowod, and his sister is Katherine Lowod. He brought the Solstice Army to victory and killed Russell Garen himself. He lost his life in his fight against Russell, however. Dolly-type clones Clones who are cloned using a method based off Dolly the Sheep. Most of the clones are female. Entho The warlord who originally purchased present day Garen. He was l…

Beautiful Babies

~Beautiful Babies~
“This world was built for you.” 
   It was a beautiful day when it happened to you. You wore a beautiful green attire, you were an emerald sparkling in the sunlight. We had been planning the future. Not just the future of our family, but the future of the world. We would be able to control everything! We’d slowly shape the new land with our technology, and everybody would be dependent on our advancements. We’d be showered in phrase for our success in making a mark on the world. 
   We had everything prepared to succeed and just needed to act but we didn’t soon enough. That fateful day was all it took. And now that it’s over… all of that has no meaning to me. 
   Since that day, I’ve been busy. Busy with projects, busy with experimenting… it’s been a lot of work I’ve had to get through. First, I managed to create the face of this corporation we had always dreamed of. It has been at times sketchy or immoral in what I have ha…

Silver Spiral ~ Welcome Home

~Silver Spiral: Welcome Home~
Nothing lasts forever. But with the growing power of a large corporation comes a solution to change things, for better or for worse. 
   I don’t remember what the last thing I saw was, but I do know the first thing. It was a black canvas with very light shadings of blue, violet and purple. It was hard to tell, but there were some subtle borders that made the outline of edges, making the shape of corners in the room. The place was like a fish tank that has submerged into the deepest abyss of the ocean. And there was nothing but a purple book in the center of the room on the ground. 
  I was just standing by one of the transparent walls, in a t-shirt with jeans and my hair had been a mess like usual. My old watch that I received from my uncle’s funeral was around my arm, and the clock was still stuck at 3:42 as the battery had died and the watch required a special kind that was no longer produced. I wondered how b…