Glorious Glossary

Astral Church/RUSSELL LIVES Cult
A group of people who revere the religion that Russell Garen created to gather followers. In addition to believing his religion, they have done numerous attempts to try and “recreate Russell,” which is an attempt to find a new person who can finish the goal of the Lunacy: destroy the planets along with the moon. Following the Darklore Invasion, the cult fled to a nearby island containing a ruined castle that has an underground connection linking back to Garenburg.
Daniel Lowod
The Bûcheron and the original leader of the Solstice. His grandfather was Garry Lowod, and his sister is Katherine Lowod. He brought the Solstice Army to victory and killed Russell Garen himself. He lost his life in his fight against Russell, however.
Dolly-type clones
Clones who are cloned using a method based off Dolly the Sheep. Most of the clones are female.
The warlord who originally purchased present day Garen. He was likely a cult or gang leader prior to the war he started.
Entho’s Island
The original name of Garen (the country).
Entho’s Plague
The bioweapon Entho created to be used upon his death. It was modified by Russell to be more deadly and effective, along with a vaccine to avoid contractions.
Entho’s Onslaught
The war that occurred between sometime in the 2900s and 3007. Entho was the warlord. His war is responsible for the country Garen’s existence.
Katherine Lowod
The sister of Daniel Lowod and third Solstice president. She planned many attacks on Russell’s forces. Due to settling down and having a family, Vincent became the second president instead of her. She was the third president of the Solstice.
Lavender Avana
The fourth president of the Solstice. She was Violet Garen’s twin sister, although both were clones of their mother. Through the help of the Silver Bed Foundation, she was able to be reborn in a new body. She contributed greatly to efforts to stop the Lunar Lunatic and was the one to kill Marjory.
The war that occurred between 3029 and 3084. Russell and Marjory Garen were responsible for the war, which caused nearly 2 billion deaths. It was intended to have Russell find a way to destroy the moon, earth, and mars, but it only involved Russell and Marjory causing as much ruin as possible.
Marjory Garen
The Riflebird. She, along with Russell, was responsible for the Lunacy. She tortured many people during the war. She was slain by Lavender Avana, her aunt.
Oval Tower
“Suicide.” A tower that once hosted experiments by the Solstice, run by Vincent. Once Vincent was exposed for illegal actions in the tower, the tower was shut down. It is now filled with monsters and creatures. People who go near it never come back.
Russell Garen
The Lunar Lunatic. He was adopted by the Garen family. He had a large amount of rage and emotional trauma that lead him to start the Lunacy. While he created Sartolg, he never believed in it himself. He killed Daniel Lowod at the cost of his life.
Silver Bed Foundation
A group that experimented greatly with technology relating to the brain. They were able to cause the first rebirth when they created a new body for Lavender Avana to be transferred to. They also created S.A.R.A. technology and experimented in fusion of humans. However, human fusion was deemed illegal along with the rebirthing process, so it never progressed past a few experiments.
Silver Sight
A cult-like group of terrorists. They are people who seem to be related to the Silver Bed Foundation, although they aren’t related to the Darklore creature “Sight.” The group has caused a string of murders at the Capricorn Amusement Park, and it remained in Garenburg after the Darklore Invasion.
Vincent Caris
The second Solstice president. He was widely popular and favored by the country until he lost his role as president due to illegal experiments in Oval Tower.