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A Box of Cassettes

~A Box of Cassettes~ Be happy... ____________________________________________    “It’s… I just feel like it’ll bring people joy, you know?”    He just doesn’t understand me. I know this will work, but I can’t convince him. No matter what I do…    “Look, reprinting an old show nobody bothered watching on cassettes is a stupid idea. The funding is going to be revoked for us if we do not make a successful product. We are depending on the money, and we cannot let this opportunity go to waste! Do you understand, Marcella?”    This can work. This will work. He just needs to see it.    “Don’t you realize what you’re saying? This will work. Look at what has succeeded! Anything from the 2010s or older is trendy. Doing this would be crossing so many worlds. The special effects of the present, the stories of the old, technology that was once used regularly… I grew up on this show, and I know that as much as you may feel it’s just a niche one, it’s perfect for now. We can tak