Cultivated Creatures

~Cultivated Creatures~

The suppressed criminals rise after the end of the world, and with their twisted ideals, they start to find success.


Hush… they can’t see us, but they’ll hear our voices. Where we are happens to be safe for now, but they’ll find us if we make sound… we need to stay silent. If we wait an hour, they might give up on the search. 

I think it’s been long enough. We should hurry. This space is tight, but we must get through. Maybe air vents weren’t a great place to hide, but it’s working for now. Just go slowly and we may not make too loud sounds… 


I see the light, let’s go. … Okay, we’re out. It’s humid in here… we must be near the lab. If the map wasn’t lying, we need to make a left at the torch. 

I think I see it. Yeah, that’s the one. Let’s go. 

Wait… Do you hear something? I think I heard something. They might be nearby.

We should go slowly. Nice and steady. It “wins the race,” after all. And this is a race that must be won. Or everything will be lost.

There. I see the lab. There must be the information here. If there isn’t… I don’t want to think about that.

It doesn’t look like anybody has been inside the lab since the ritual. Thinking about it, it shouldn’t be called a lab, especially considering what was done to me there. Those experiments aren’t science, it’s inhuman… ironic to hear me say that.

We’ll get out together. We may not stop their attempts, but we can at least destroy the information about myself. About us… it’s just something that must be done. We’ve been together for such a brief time… it’s kind of weird to be so close to you.

Okay… the password… that’s easy. 21403. 2/14/3003, Russell’s birthday. It’s hasn’t been changed yet.

We’re in. We must hurry before they send her here… there’s the information. Oliver’s books. They must be destroyed. They were made with such hard work, but they’re being used for something so awful… and considering what happened to Oliver, he’d be happy to know what we’re doing.

There’s a lighter. The books must be burned. They must be burned. They must be burned. It’s the only way.

It’s the only way.

It’s the only way.

“Snap out of it!” It’s the only way.

“Please… we’re so close…”


Wait, did it happen again? That’s just… please… I’m sorry, I need to stay focused.

The fire is started. Now I just need to bur-


   There was a loud sound at first. It sounded akin to that of fireworks, but more yet in a monotonous tune. It was fast, and it echoed the room. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it. But it happened, and something fell soon afterwards.

   There was a woman standing in the room alone. The room was silent as she stood still, staring at her victim. She put her focus on what was in front of her and she showed an emotionless expression. Within her hands she gripped a shotgun, an extremely rare weapon to come across. Her hair was already dark, but now it was stained a crimson red after her actions in the room.

   In front of her laid a being of sorts; it had two heads fused together and was a horrifying amalgamation with the three arms and two legs. It was unnatural, and yet it was once something somebody could consider ordinary. It was deceased now, but if it had succeeded, then her goal would be pushed back.

   The woman only had a few commands, and they were simple. She was to attempt the fusion experiments that they had been researching, with the information of an old company’s technology from the past. They had recovered it from the outskirts of the Broken Island (formerly Garenburg), and there was nothing that indicated from the technology itself on the purpose of such machines.

   That was until they recovered a man who had written small booklets on the history of the land. He was the only one who they could assume having any information on the machine’s origin, and if it did what they hoped, then they could succeed in their plans.

   They had forced the man to give them information, and despite his claims of not knowing such, he accidentally let slip the name of the corporation. It was Silver Bed technology, and they were correct in their guess. The device was intended to combine people into one. The former government had ruled these experiments illegal and the technology development stopped.

   But with their goal, this was essential to success. The Invasion had not only liberated their people but given what would allow their group to finally do: bring their leader back. Their prophecy would come true.

   They eventually disposed of him, but they managed to make the man write information on everything relating the Silver Bed technology. All that was left was building and experimentation.

   They tried their first attempt and they failed. It was combining a baby and one of the Darklore creatures, being one with wings and seven tentacle-like legs. The result was a bloody pile of meat with bones strewn between them. They decided to revert to testing human combinations. And they both failed and succeeded after thirty-eight attempts.

   They finally had successful fusing and the subject survived, but it was an abomination to mankind. It was imperfect. It had more legs than it should have and looked like what it was: a human that was forced into fusing with another. It had two brains combined, yet it could still function with mentality. But only part of it could speak and it wasn’t even a humanoid shape at this point. To ensure that it doesn’t try and escape, they added a safety system where the being would have the necrosis of brain cells so that it expires in a few weeks. 

   And then it escaped.

   It had been a member who started to want to leave and sabotage their work ever since his sister was used for their experiments, but they knew about his endeavors. They stopped him and put him in a prison temporarily. They had another prisoner who tried to kill some of their members since their child was murdered in front of her eyes by them just a few days prior to her imprisonment. So, they would combine the subjects to try and get further in their development.

   In the end, they awoke in their new state. They were monitored inside a room and pretended to sleep but broke for freedom when some guards went on break. They hid in the air vents and slowly made way for the laboratory to destroy the documents on both the history of the Lunacy and Silver Bed technology, but it was all for naught. They failed due to relapsing from the accelerated necrosis.

   And then the woman arrived. And she dispatched her subject. And it was over. She felt no remorse for the being.

   With her dangerous tool, she stood there. She just stared at the corpse. She had no empathy or emotions for it. She was already “initiated.” And after a minute passed, she turned towards the door and left.

   There was much more experimenting to do. If they were to bring a new Russell into the world, they would need to succeed. That is what their ancestors dedicated themselves to, and they must develop the cult further and finish what the Lunar Lunatic and Riflebird started. 

   Because one day… just one day… perhaps shall a brand-new era reign where Russell lives.