Beautiful Babies

~Beautiful Babies~ 

“This world was built for you.” 


   It was a beautiful day when it happened to you. You wore a beautiful green attire, you were an emerald sparkling in the sunlight. We had been planning the future. Not just the future of our family, but the future of the world. We would be able to control everything! We’d slowly shape the new land with our technology, and everybody would be dependent on our advancements. We’d be showered in phrase for our success in making a mark on the world. 

   We had everything prepared to succeed and just needed to act but we didn’t soon enough. That fateful day was all it took. And now that it’s over… all of that has no meaning to me. 

   Since that day, I’ve been busy. Busy with projects, busy with experimenting… it’s been a lot of work I’ve had to get through. First, I managed to create the face of this corporation we had always dreamed of. It has been at times sketchy or immoral in what I have had to do, but it was worth it and the world loves me for it. 

   I managed to help in the efforts against the world’s greatest enemy. Our company had created a brand new technology that allowed the heroes to stop the villains! It’s like a comic book, really… the hero who gets gadgets from the professor, and then stops the monster and saves the day. Only here, it’s our company that gave the gadgets. We were essential and have been showered in gratitude. Our name is known by everybody worldwide, and we have millions who pay for our services now. 

   It has had costs, however. I won’t deny that. I had to sacrifice a few people… good people… to do this… but it’s worth it. They aided the future. They helped the world succeed. But now we can save everybody. Is it really so wrong to ruin a few lives to help millions? 

   We became a giant corporation, we were rich beyond our imaginations. We had everything we wanted. You may have not been there to see it, but you were still there in my heart and memory. And that was all I needed to continue. Because as I said, it lost its meaning to me once you were gone. But I know it was so important to you – to us – so I did everything I could to make it work. This world was built for you. 

   It’s not long now. Our vision is almost complete. I’ve done everything we had prepared to do except for one last experiment. I must use the remaining genetic information about you to bring a child into this world. We always had wanted one, but we never did have one. All I need to do now is create them. You wanted a girl and I wanted a boy, so it should be fine to do both. We’ll be living for eternity, after all. Our beautiful babies… they’ll be kept safe by me. 

   I could always try and bring you back, but you wouldn’t be the same. You may have the same looks, the same genes… the same smile… you’d have no memory of me. And frankly, I’ve considered raising you myself, but it would be better to just take care of a legacy. I’m sorry about that… if that day had only occurred later, I could just immortalize you and everything would be perfect… but I can’t. 

   Just a few more hours, and they’ll be fully developed. I’ll take care of them and give them full attention… I don’t even need to clone myself to give attention to them. I already have everything I need to get whatever I want without having to work, because I’ve already devoted my life to this company. They’ll have full attention and they’ll be cherished forever… 

I wish you could see this new land. The foundation was even named after you, Silver. It’s all designed after your ideas. Because this world was built for you.