The Möbius Strip (Video Game)

~The Möbius Strip~

The Möbius Strip is a very short game, consisting of three acts. There are puzzles and the game has some scenes similar to a text adventure. It's not incredibly difficult, and a walkthrough can be found here.

This game was made in a singular month with a small team using RPG Maker MV.

A scientist, famous for making a sense-enhancing innovation, is recruited to work for the Silver Bed Foundation on a new project: a way to make immortality real.

I'm currently trying to make an Android port, but there is some bizarre bug where the text boxes just disappear. This also happens when using the HTML version on Android, so I'm researching how I can fix this. If I figure out how to do this, then I'll release this to Google Play for a free download.

NOTE: The HTML/Mobile edition differs from the regular release for Windows/Mac/Linux, as the regular release creates and reads text files and utilizes this for various puzzles. In the HTML/Mobile edition, this is not present however and has some slight changes to allow the same puzzles to be completed. Because of this, it is recommended to play the Windows/Mac/Linux edition over HTML/Mobile. Both work, but it's just better and funner to use the regular release.




  1. Hey, I think it's a pretty good game! I finally played it at home today, and it was so good that I just had to write about it. I used the walk through for about half of the game, (heck, the only real thing I solved by myself was figuring out that the password was (SPOILER ALERT) ovaL ...some of the puzzles are pretty neat, like changing your authority level and stuff), but it was still a pretty immersive experience! Want proof? Well, it took me more than an hour to complete, and I didn't want to stop until I saw the ending! The quality of the writting is extremely, extremely good (it manages to be dramatic without sounding too fluffy or overdone, and the emotion of the charecters is conveyed in a subtle and realistic way), and the story is seriously very gripping and intriguing (like, WAY better than most JRPG Stuff out there). Moreover, there is alot of interesting backstory undertones beneath the creepy main story. The idea of replaying the same game three times is actually really fun, plus the way the music grows more sinister with each act achieves an unsettling majoras-mask-esque feel to it. The cutscenes and the dialouge really look very polished- I'm sure you all put alot of hard work into that and it really payed off. The only sad thing is I didn't get to see the ending, because I think the machine parts for act 3 is incorrectly written in the walkthrough (there's no way I can possibly figure it out on my own...those machine assembly things are a mystery to me). Overall, I think its a really high quality piece of work and you all should be proud! AND I WANNA GET TO THE ENDING!


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