Ending Ebb (The Möbius Transformation)

The following is a novella based on the events of the game The Möbius Transformation, a puzzle RPG made in two days. Complete spoilers for the game are below.


With the world in chaos over a destructive war, a company will try and fulfill an idea that may change the fate of humanity.


   On days like these, you don’t usually come across such a request… It’s not like I had nothing to do. I had a whole idea in mind for a brand-new project, but I couldn’t turn down the offer when I was given it.

   I’m Lawrence, an engineer and scientist. I’m the one who invented the C.H.G.S. system, the nifty device that rests underneath the ear of most people. It’s a wonderful gadget. When you see something you like, it automatically plays a sound that states “some holes twelve thousand.” For example, if somebody has a picture of a fat rabbit, it will automatically activate.

   There’s nothing wrong with simplifying life, is there? Especially not in here, with the war going on…

   Since my endeavors, I’ve lived alone in my mansion. I have all the money I need now. I’m set for life. And yet, there’s something missing. Perhaps it’s comedy, but I don’t think I’m in the mood for anything hysterical. But everything is going to change, because of what happened today.

   While I had been peacefully reading a novel about the future, I heard a knock on my door. I hadn’t planned any company, so I checked my door cameras. There was a man in a black suit standing outside my door. He was silently waiting there for me with a suitcase. Whoever he was, he wasn’t somebody I knew.

   I opened my door to talk with him. The man told me he had a project for me that he feels I may be interested in. He said his name is Jovan and had come from the Silver Bed Foundation, a group that excels in technological advancements. They have been working on some secretive project for a while, but I heard they ran into some difficulties.

   I questioned the legitimacy of this person being part of the Silver Bed, and he presented a recorded message that told me exactly what I needed. It said they needed my help to create something fantasized in legends and stories that have lasted for thousands of years, but to do that they would need my security number, and the pass code to accessing my stash of toilet paper. I felt that it would be worth it, considering the project at hand. They also wanted me to work at their lab on some programming. This didn’t validate if it was legitimate, but I felt it was interesting enough.

   It would be the ability to transform into inanimate objects.

   To do this, all I would need is to program a script to modify some of their already-existing technology. Then, they can use the machine to turn into anything, even a foot or better yet, a picture of a foot.

   I decided to accept the project. On days like these, you don’t usually come across such a request. A project for transformation… Perhaps this is what I’ve been longing for. Another new project for something so ambitious.

   It may just make the world a better place.

   After finally arriving at my work space, I saw Jovan standing in the corner. He approached and greeted me before explaining the scenario. The lab was spacious, with a main office and numerous tables with monitors.

   “Welcome to your new work space. You'll be designing something beautiful here. I'm going to be busy today with a meeting regarding a different project, so I won't be around to answer questions.” Jovan reached for a small paper behind him and turned back to face me. “Here, this has the password to the computer. You just need to solve why our code doesn’t work and it should fix the machine.”

   “What do I do if I need your help with something?”

   “Everything you need is in these lab rooms. Just explore a little and you should be able to find what you need. I'll see you later tonight. Good luck with everything!”

   Jovan quickly departed, leaving me to my devices. It looks like it's just me alone here, and it’s time to work. This should hopefully be fairly quick, since it’s just programming.

   If I can succeed, then maybe the world will change even more than when C.H.G.S was finished. It may be what the world needs.

   The code problem was ridiculous. All they did was forget a semicolon. They even have a debugger that would say “you are missing a semicolon” and they had to ask for my help. I fixed it and then I decided to just get some sleep. It’s absurd, but it should be better in the morning. I just want to see the machine in action.

   I was getting ready for the day when I heard a voice.

   “Lawrence, come to the main room. It’s urgent.”

   I ran as quickly as I could. Once I arrived at the room, I noticed a pickle resting on the table. I turned it over with a screwdriver that was next to it, and was greeted with a surprise.

   “Look, Lawrence! I turned myself into a pickle. I have created a new level of comedy that no other has achieved before! I am now Pickle Jovan!”

   I understood immediately. He had done something life changing, and he had reached the peak and ideal point that all should strive for.

   Knowing that this technology immensely dangerous, the head of the corporation, Earl Celvar, commissioned the machine to be destroyed to prevent more people from turning themselves into pickles.

   I was able to leave to go home, now that the project was over. This was where my story ended. But for Jovan, he would go on to do so much more. His story had just begun.

   He would volunteer to fight in the war, and he graduated at the top of his class in training for combat. He was in numerous secret raids, and he had over three hundred confirmed kills. He had been trained in guerrilla warfare and became the top sniper of the entire Solstice forces.

   After the war, Jovan went back into studying and working on scientific and medical breakthroughs. With his picklefied brain, he was able to solve all digits of pi and he created a device that instantly cures all illness and disease. He even found a solution that allowed immortality and was able to somehow create a portal to other universes so that there would never be overpopulation unlimited resources.

   Jovan’s greatness and the hilarity that he was a pickle caused world peace after the war. There was no more crime, there was no more violence, there was just the glory of his pickle form. His transformation was regarded as one of the most important events in history, and a new holiday was born in celebration of his achievements.

   He eventually settled down, and he had a wife and children. And with time, he decided that he would not allow himself to be immortal and would allow himself to age and eventually pass away. He and his wife both peacefully left together, and a monument was made in their honor. Anytime somebody who has C.H.G.S passes by it, the system starts playing a sound.

   I will never forget Pickle Jovan. He was an inspiration and taught me there is more in life than just feet pics. I will never forget his glory and his accomplishments, and it was an honor to help fix the missing semicolon. Thank you, Pickle Jovan. Thank you.



   “So… that’s what would happen if…”

   “Yes, unfortunately. See why we only tweak what experiment we want him to solve, and nothing else?”

   “I do, I do… maybe it’s better that we don’t experiment with his personality.”

   “Yeah, do you really want to see pickle fantasies?”

   “Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

   “Agreed. I hate pickles.”